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Stained Glass Summer and Art

on December 27, 2011

I am over on Jaye Robin Brown’s blog talking about STAINED GLASS SUMMER and the artistic process.  This was one of my favorite blog interviews. Jaye is a children’s writer and an art teacher. She keeps a great blog called, Hanging onto Wonder, and her posts include life inside a real American High School as well as interviews with authors who talk about their high school experience.

Jaye asked some really great questions which dug into the artistic theme and character  of STAINED GLASS SUMMER . Some of Jaye’s questions included:

How do you think creativity affects young people in general?  How does creativity affect your main character, Jasmine?

Jasmine is the child of a photographer, with the desire to be an artist herself.  Does she ever suffer from creative self-doubt? Are there ever moments where she feels like her work just isn’t good enough.  (Jaye goes on to say that she sees her own art students struggling with these feelings.)

Please stop by Jaye’s blog to read my responses to her great questions as well as the rest of the interview here.


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