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Stained Glass Summer Available on Itunes

on January 31, 2012

STAINED GLASS SUMMER is now available on Itunes. This made me smile. I don’t have an Ipad.  But I do buy my music through Itunes.  And here, is Stained Glass Summer, on Itunes. Amazing! (It’s an e-book on Itunes.  But, there’s a possibility STAINED GLASS SUMMER could become an audio book.  I have been approached by a performing artist for audio books and she is working on a sample of the book).

STAINED GLASS SUMMER is also on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and even Amazon UK!

One of the great things about being published with an e-pub, such as Musa, is the book gets formatted for all different types of e-readers and then is sold on many, many venues.  Sometimes people ask me, what’s the difference between self-publishing and e-publishing. THIS is a big difference. If I was self-publishing, I’d have to format the book for the different e-readers and then upload to the sales venues. An e-pub has someone on staff who does this job. As Musa likes to say, “The money flows to the author and not the other way around.” I like to include time in this equation too!


One response to “Stained Glass Summer Available on Itunes

  1. SGL says:

    Go Mindy–and think how many of us bought or were gifted Kindles or Nooks!!

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