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Tag Your Favorite Author’s Books

on February 29, 2012

There are a lot of ways you can help your favorite author. Buy their books.  Recommend their books. But, you can also do something very simple–tag your favorite author’s books.

What is “tagging” your favorite author’s books?

Tags are the key words that are used to search for a book or topic.  They are the key words, themes, and ideas found in a book. For example, the tags for Stained Glass Summer are:

Art, Coming-of-Age, Middle Grade, Stained Glass, Contemporary, Glass Art, Arts, Mentor, and Mindy Hardwick.

Where can you find these tags? On Amazon, the tags are listed in the middle of the book’s buy page. So, if you scroll down half-way on the Stained Glass Summer page, you will see a list of “tags” or key words. There are little numbers in parenthesis by the words and that means others have clicked on the words (Tagged the words), and those numbers show how many people have clicked on those tags.

Why are tags important? Tags help a book rise in the search engines. If someone is searching for mentoring, Stained Glass Summer will rise to the top of the search list if those little tags have been clicked enough times.

These days, selling a book, has a lot to do with technology!

So, if you’d like to try “Tagging a Book” head on over to the Stained Glass Summer page here, and scroll to the middle of the page, then click on each of those words. Viola. Tagging is done!

And your favorite author will be very grateful!



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