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100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts

on March 12, 2012

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts!  And you can read some great blog posts and articles about the Girl Scouts

Here Come the Girl Scouts!

Reflections on Being a Girl Scout

Girl Scouts Website—Take a look around. Girl Scouts looks a lot different today than it did. They even have a blog!  And a Studio where you can go behind the scenes with Children’s Writers.

Juliette  Gordon Low’s History Website—Someday I’d like to get to Savannah and see this in person!

I was a Brownie, Junior Scout, and Girl Scout through high school

Some of my favorite memories of Girl Scouts include:

  • Mom as Brownie leader.
  • Dad and brother coming out to rescue the Brownie Scouts in a storm/flood while we were camping at a big lodge. Dad was awful scared of the woods.
  • Cooking with Dad to earn badges—I remember cutting up a LOT of green vegetables.
  • Summer camp at Camp Cedarcrest. There must have been a huge thunderstorm with floods every summer I attended, and more than once, I remember being evacuated from the back camp ground to somewhere safer.
  • The little brown stuffed bear that got tucked into my suitcase so I wouldn’t feel homesick at two week camp. The same bear traveled on trips with Dad. The bear never  worked too well, and I always got homesick
  • Getting my temperature taken over and over and over again at Camp. For whatever reason, I always ran a high temperature and when we first checked into camp, we had to be checked. I never passed, and would spend the first three days of camp sitting in the nurses station getting my temperature rechecked until finally they would let me go.
  • Tipping the canoe and discovering that yes, you could breathe and talk in the air space under that canoe while in the water
  • M and M’s at camp and worrying that raccoons would creep into the tents with wood platforms and eat the M and M’s.
  • Eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because the camp food was not good. The peanut butter sat in green plastic bowls on the tables.
  • Horseback riding at camp—it was always hot, hot, hot, and there were always flies everywhere. Mmm…maybe why I don’t like horses to this day.
  • Becoming a Senior Scout and going to events at the “older girls’ houses who always lived in really nice houses along Spoede Road in St Louis with large, large well-manicured lawns and pools.
  • T-peeing our leaders houses—this was a huge event once we got our driver’s licenses.
  • Girl Scout Cookies! Mom bought tons of boxes and froze them. But they never seemed to make it in the freezer long. To this day, I still buy a whole bunch of cookies—and try to freeze them……

Were you a Girl Scout? What are some of your favorite memories?


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