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Writing and Art Workshops

on March 16, 2012

I’ve been working on designing two new workshops for school groups, library groups, and small kid groups such as a book, writing, or craft group. Both workshops are inspired by my tween novel, Stained Glass Summer. And both workshops would be great for small groups of girls in summer camps, girl leadership workshops, or girl book groups.

Tell Your Story: Poetry and Art Journal Workshop for Girls Ages 10-14
You are the hero/heroine of your life. What story are you telling? In this workshop we’ll explore how our hopes and dreams, treasures and secrets, monsters and scars can inspire poetry and art journaling.  Learn new ways to write poems and how art journaling can help you express more of your story. Bring your favorite photos, quotes and poems. This is a great workshop for small groups of girls involved in team building, leadership, girl empowerment, and book groups. Parts of this workshop can be modified for class size workshops.

Artist Characters:
In this workshop, we’ll look at how art can inspire us to create a character. We’ll dig into the nuts and bolts of character building including crafting a character’s physical and psychological traits. We’ll write character sketches of both the protagonist and the antagonist—all through the lens of an artist. This workshop draws on Mindy’s character, Jasmine, in her novel, Stained Glass Summer. This is a great workshop for schools wanting presentations to different age groups. The workshop can be adapted to meet the needs of all age of learners including educators and writers.

To find out more about my other workshops for classes, schools, and small groups, check out my workshop page on my website here.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact me at: mindy @ mindyhardwick dot com

Fees can be negotiated and there are lots of creative ways to find local funding for school visits!  Workshops can also be scheduled for a group of kids who each pay a small fee to attend.


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