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Great Review for Stained Glass Summer

on April 2, 2012

Stained Glass Summer got a great review from The Long and Short of It YA Book Reviews Blog. This was my favorite part of the review:

As Jasmine deals with her feelings concerning her father, she is also faced with liking a boy for the first time – and having him like her back. She has this idea that if she can just repeat the same set of circumstances she witnessed with an older girl and her boyfriend, she can win the heart of the boy she likes. This made me laugh because it’s so typical of young girls. I could remember feeling this way at one time, and it was a memory I would never have thought of if this book hadn’t triggered it. The idea that if you could just make “this one thing” happen is a theme throughout the book and, to me, a symbol of the loss of some of her innocence of youth.--Long and Short of It YA Book Review

You can read the whole review here.

Also, on another  good note for Stained Glass Summer, Musa is now an approved Overdrive Book Publisher. What does this mean? Well….Overdrive is one of the BIG players in e-books for library. In fact, when I checked, The Seattle Library, Tacoma Library, Everett Public Library, Sno-Isle Library System, and King County library system all use Overdrive to purchase their e-books. (These are all the library systems in the Seattle-Tacoma Area).

It’ll take a couple weeks to get the Musa books into the Overdrive catalog, but once they are there, then Stained Glass Summer can be ordered for libraries–and family and friends can request to have Stained Glass Summer ordered in your library! I will update on when Stained Glass Summer is ready to be ordered through Overdrive.

Very exciting!


2 responses to “Great Review for Stained Glass Summer

  1. What a great review, Mindy. That’s what we want – to reach the reader someplace where it touches them emotionally, perhaps evokes a memory. Congratulations on that! My library uses Overdrive as well, so I was SO excited to find out Musa got them.

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