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Weaving Magic Cover Artist Interview

on April 16, 2012

When I announced the cover for Weaving Magic, it was greeted with a lot of “Wow! That is a great cover!” When I hand out my bookmarks and postcards printed with the cover, I’m getting more of the “Wow! That is an amazing cover!” I’m so grateful to have a cover which is catching people’s eyes! As a writer, we work hard on the blurbs, tag lines and back cover synopsis of our books, but it’s the cover which snags a reader to pick up the book. It’s so important to have a great cover!

It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to the cover artist for Weaving Magic….

Please help me welcome C.K. Volnek!

Hi Mindy. Thanks for allowing me to visit your blog today. It’s a special treat to visit you as your cover artist for WEAVING MAGIC.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have always loved writing and designing, dreaming I would be a children’s book author someday and illustrating my own stories. But life got in the way before I completed that portion of my dream. I never abandoned my desire though, writing short stories and articles and securing a position as a commercial artist, designing newsletters, brochures and other promotional media. About six years ago, with my children moving into high school and college, I found I was able to carve more time for my writing and began to pursue novel writing. To date I have two tween novels, GHOST DOG OF ROANOKE ISLAND and A HORSE CALLED TROUBLE, published and a third, THE SECRET OF THE STONES, to be debuted very soon. I also found a niche very dear to my heart as I was accepted as a MuseItUp Cover Design artist. It is a rewarding position and I’ve made some great friends.

You can see C.K. Volnek’s other cover art designs here.

Tell us a little bit about the process of creating the cover for WEAVING MAGIC. Did you read the book? How did you know what images to include?

When an author is contracted with MuseItUp, they are asked to complete a Cover Artist form. In this they highlight their hero and heroine and offer the artist a short synopsis of what the book is about. Mindy did a great job in helping me ‘see’ her characters and the conflict they would experience. Knowing the mood of the story to be a little dark, it was then my mission to find the appropriate images to create that ‘feeling.’

Explain the process of selecting images for cover art. What are some of the challenges?

To me, one of the greatest elements of designing the cover is to create the ‘mood’ for the book. You cannot have a happy, smiling image on the cover when the book is dark and moody. I enjoy finding the temper of the story and creating an image to pull the reader into it. But I admit, I spend a great amount of time sifting through photos and images to find just the perfect one.

What was the most challenging part of creating WEAVING MAGIC’s cover?

To me, the greatest challenge of designing covers is to come up with an image that compliments the image in the author’s creative mind. No one knows the story better than the author. They know their characters, inside and out and it isn’t always easy to find the image that portrays them.

What recommendations would you give to a teen who wants to be a cover artist?

Be ever aware of the book world. What covers grab your attention? What captures your interest and/or portrays the basic plot of the story? What books are selling and which ones aren’t?

Thanks so much C.K. Volnek!


3 responses to “Weaving Magic Cover Artist Interview

  1. C.K. Volnek says:

    Thanks for having me on your blog today, Mindy. It was such a pleasure to work with you and your great book! 🙂

  2. S. Durham says:

    Great interview Charlie, I think it is wonderful you have realized not only your dream of writing, but doing cover art for Muse as well, from what I’ve seen you are doing a fantastic job too!



  3. Nice interview! I wish I had some of your cover sense!

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