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Short Story Market for YA and Children’s

on June 8, 2012

 Chamberton Publishing is seeking YA and Children’s Stories for two of their upcoming anthologies.

Short Story word count between 500 words and 7,000 words

Previously published stories are accepted as long as you have the rights to them.

Payment for Stories:

500 to 2.500 words – $50
2501 to 5.000 words – $75
5001 to 7.000 words – $100

Young Adult:  (Deadline for submissions September 1, 2012)

Young adults deal with many issues – peer pressure, bullying, self esteem, just to name a few. For this anthology we are looking for stories that inspire hope, feature main characters that overcome great odds/obstacles, or leave the reader inspired. We are open to any genre as long as it is intended for the YA audience and meets the guidelines mentioned below. The common thread tying these stories together are the themes of hope and encouragement.
Children’s Anthology – (Deadline for submissions July 1, 2012)

This anthology is intended for elementary age children and has a ‘Bedtime Story’ theme. Stories that are sweet, encouraging, funny, silly, rhyming, written in verse, or teach a moral lesson are acceptable. All short stories for this anthology will be considered as long is they meet the guidelines below. The thread stitching this book together is the ‘Bedtime Story’ theme.

Submission Guidelines can be found here


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