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Audio Book Stained Glass Summer

on July 27, 2012

It’s time for a little round-up of good news about both my books…STAINED GLASS SUMMER and WEAVING MAGIC.

  • Audio Book: STAINED GLASS SUMMER is now in production to become an audio book! It should be out in December–just in time for Christmas.  When I sold the story to Musa publishing, Musa does not ask for audio rights. The Musa contract is for print and ebook.  I listed STAINED GLASS SUMMER on the ACX exchange in the spring. It received three auditions. The first two were good, but did not fit the voice of Jasmine. However, as soon as I heard voice over artist, Sarah Newswanger’s  audition, I knew she was the one! The audio book will be distributed through itunes and Amazon. Musa Publishing has been amazingly awesome, and designed my audio book cover art to match my ebook cover art. They did not have to do that, and receive no compensation for helping me with my audio book cover art. Thank you Musa!

Also, if you are a subscriber to Children’s Writer, look for the front cover article for the August edition, “Will Middle Grade go Digital” by Chris Eboch. STAIINED GLASS SUMMER is one of the featured books, and my editor, Jenn Loring and I were both interviewed in the article.

When I decided to publish with digital first publishers, I had no idea if my books would have “legs.” It was a risk to go with digital first publishers as this is new and charted waters. My biggest fear was that my books would get stuck in a pipeline somewhere and no one would be able to read them. It has been a year since I sold both books. STAINED GLASS SUMMER has been out for seven months, and WEAVING MAGIC has been out for three months. I am thrilled to see both books finding “legs” and readers being able to find them through the major book channels, libraries, and now an audio book.  Jumping into unknown territory can be really scary,  and my learning curve has been steep in the last year, but I’m really happy I went with digital first publishers for both of these books.


2 responses to “Audio Book Stained Glass Summer

  1. Karen Troncale says:

    Because of you, I “took the plunge” and sent my book to Muse It Up. They sent me a contract! Thanks for sharing your story! P.S. I read that great article in “Children’s Writer.”

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