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Teen Book Reviewer Opportunity

on August 6, 2012

Musa Publishing’s MG and YA imprint is called, Euterpe. This is the imprint which is home to my book, STAINED GLASS SUMMER.

Euterpe is starting a Book Review Club for readers between the ages of 8-21. Club Euterpe!

If you join, you will get to read select Euterpe books (in ebook form) before they’re released for free! In exchange, Euterpe asks that you simply spread word about the book however you can (i.e. leave a review, post about it on FB/Twitter, recommend it to your friends).

Euterpe prefers that applicants be between ages 8 and 21 (members will be sent age appropriate books). Parents are welcome to apply on behalf of younger children.

To join Club Euterpe, simply fill out the application below and send it to: ClubEuterpe@gmail.com

Links to online presences (FB, Twitter, GoodReads, blog, etc.):
YA genres you love:
YA genres you hate:
How will you promote the book in person?
How will you promote the book online ( may not be applicable to those 13 or younger)?
How much influence do you have over what your friends read?
What e-reader format (or pdf) would you like your book to come in?

Club members must post a review on GoodReads and Amazon. Those too young to post reviews must have a parent do so on their behalf. Links must be provided to the review once completed.

Older members may be asked to verify that they have promoted the book elsewhere online by providing links. Members with the best promotional reach will be chosen to receive subsequent books.

Any questions can be directed to: ClubEuterpe@gmail.com


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