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Art Journal Giveaway

on September 10, 2012

Today’s giveaway at the Euterpe YA Back-to-School event is sponsored by Jasmine of STAINED GLASS SUMMER. Jasmine has convinced me to give away a very cool art journal. (The type that has heavy paper and you can do mixed media or art journaling), as well as a great chalk clipboard for fun doodling and listmaking.

Jasmine is writing about her summer adventures on the Euterpe Blog and she wanted to share a bit here.

Summer Adventures by Jasmine

On the first day of school, there are two things you can count on.
  1. There will be a lot of talk about the Rules
  2. Teachers will ask you to write an essay about your summer vacation.
I’m not very good with following the rules. Dad says it’s the artist in me. But, I am very good with list making! So, the night before my first day at the Island Middle School, I wrote a list about my summer vacation.
  1. I rode a ferry for the very first time. Cars actually drive on the ferry and people commute to work every day on the ferry!
  2. A chicken laid colored eggs! They looked just like dyed colored Easter Eggs.
  3. I met a very nice Boy. Boy’s name shall remain nameless—just in case he reads my list!
  4. I rode bikes all over the island with Boy! And, I enjoyed riding bikes.
  5. I learned stained glass with Opal.
  6. I entered a contest—but I did not win—and that’s okay.
  7. I went for a boat ride with Boy. We didn’t see any Orcas, but we saw a lot of tourists looking for Orcas.
  8. I learned that it’s too cold to swim in the Sound off the Island.
  9. I kissed Boy!
  10. I was an art mentor.
I’d love to hear about your summer vacation, but not in an essay. I convinced my author, Mindy Hardwick, to give away an art journal. (It’s the good kind with the heavy paper so you can paint and do art collage).
To find out the details for how to enter go here

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