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Writing Workshops in Cannon Beach

on October 18, 2012

My favorite time of the year to go to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast is not the summer (Well, okay, the Fourth of July in Cannon Beach is pretty fun),….but, my favorite time to be at the beach is the Stormy Arts Weekend in November! It’s a weekend full of artists in galleries, but what makes it so wild are the storms! The winds howl. The rain slashes sideways, and after the storm passes, there is white foam on the beach which shimmers in the wind like small monsters who are resting on the sand.

This year, I’m teaching two writing workshops on Friday, November 2nd with the Tolovona Arts Colony.  The good news is the workshops will be over before the Quick Draw starts and kicks-off Stormy Arts. So, come early to the beach and see how much fun stormy weather is for stories! Both workshops take place at the Tolovona Community Hall (on the South end of Cannon Beach).

Creating Characters for Novels

You’ve got an idea for a character rattling around in your head, but you’re not sure where to begin. Or maybe, that character has been keeping you up all night whispering his/her story to you. Now, it’s time to let the character out of the bag! In this class, we’ll look at various methods to crafting a strong story character such as:  character interviews, how to use character’s backstory to create internal conflict, how to motive character by their goals, and how character flaws create conflict. The class includes writing exercises with an opportunity to share our work. The class is open to students writing in any genre of fiction.  Students do not have to attend the afternoon workshop, Structure and Plotting the Novel, to enroll for the Creating Character for Novels class.

10 a.m-Noon. Cost: $35.

Structure and Plotting the Novel

You’ve got a fabulous idea for a story, but what happens in the middle of the story? Are you stuck with that murky middle? Or, have you sailed through the middle, but now you don’t know how to tie up all the bits and pieces and bring the story to a satisfying ending.  In this class, we’ll look at various ways to structure a novel such as the Hero’s Journey and Aristotle’s dramatic structure. The class will include writing exercises and we’ll have opportunity to discuss our work.  The class is open to students writing in any genre of fiction or memoir. Students do not have to attend the morning, Character Writing Class, to enroll for the Plotting Class.

1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. Cost: $35

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