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Autographing Ebooks

on November 8, 2012

One of the questions which comes up for an ebook author is, How do I get your autograph on my book?

When I am at book fairs and signings, I always bring signed postcards and bookmarks for all my books and novellas. Last spring, I watched as a reader asked Susan Wiggs to sign her Kindle cover. When the reader opened her cover, she had a whole host of author’s signatures!

There is also something called Authorgraph. This was formerly Kindlegraph and you could only use it if you had a Twitter Accout and a Kindle. But, good news! Now, Authorgraph is open for all readers. You do not need to have a Twitter Account to sign up.

You can simply sign up by creating a password here.

Once you sign up, if you go to your account preferences, you will be given a list of choices for how you read your ebooks. It is now possible to request author autographs for the Nook, Ipads, Kindles, and Kobos!

Then, all you have to do is search under authors for your favorite author and their ebook. Once you find their page, click on it, and there will be a button saying “Request Autograph.” If you click on that, your request will go directly to the author’s email. You can even specify how you want your book signed and to whom! Just as if you are at an author book signing.

The author will digitally inscribe your autograph and you will receive a notice that your autograph is ready. The autograph will be sent directly to whatever ereader you have selected in the settings of your account.

My ebook listings can all be seen here if anyone wants to try it. All of my books are listed, including my romance novellas.

2 responses to “Autographing Ebooks

  1. Karen Troncale says:

    Thanks for the info on Authorgraph. I always seem to learn interesting tidbits from you!

  2. I’m so glad the blog is helpful!!

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