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The Short Story and a YA Short Story Market

on November 15, 2012

One of the blogs I read is Guys Lit Wire. This is a great blog filled with books teen boys might enjoy.  The other day, there was a blog post about a new short story market for teens--One Teen Story.  One Teen Story is dedicated to showcasing a single story that can be digested in one sitting with no further distractions. In addition to a print format, digital editions are also available, with deals for classroom sets available to teachers.

There is beginning to be a buzz about short stories–both in the adult markets and the teen markets. At the romance writer’s conference, the last thing I heard on the last panel I attended was, “Short stories are making their way back to the world again and this just may be the next big rise in publishing.” A lot of this is being attributed to the digital age and how we are reading stories. It’s quick and easy to read a short story on an ereader, a phone, or an Ipad. The other contributor to this new rise in the short story may just be our short attention spans.

I like this new trend. I’ve written and published short stories for about five years–mostly to tiny markets with very little audience. (Some of my short stories can be seen at my website here.) Then..my romance short stories started publishing. And then, suddenly, it was as if the flood gates opened in my short story career. I love writing the romance short stories. They average about 8,500 words. I can tell a small story, and don’t have to worry about epic tales–something I’ve never been good with. I can spin characters and worlds together so the stories link. I can play with minor characters from novels I’ve already published such as in my upcoming story to be published in an anthology with Musa in February.  That short story, “First Drive,” is told with a couple teens on Jasmine’s Island. (One note–when I do use characters from my novels already published, I am usually required by my contract to submit first to the publishing house published my novel). And, short stories are a nice way to fill the space between my novel publications and keep my readers happy with new content.

So, with all of that…I was very excited to see that this new YA market is calling for submissions!

One Teen Story is looking for all genres of literary fiction. 2,000-4,500 words.  The submission period is February 1st-April 30. So you have time to work on those stories. I’m thinking of one told in flash fiction based on the kids in juvenile detention since this will fall within the time frame of when I’m working on my post-graduate semester with that story.

To find out more about the submission guidelines for One Teen Story.  

To find out more about One Teen Story. If you’re a classroom teacher, this looks like something that would be great to use in a lit and/or writing class! When I taught seventh grade, we used Read Magazine, and I loved those Fridays when I placed a copy of Read Magazine on each desk and the kids poured over them.

Good luck to all who submit!

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