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Christmas Romance Story Published

on November 17, 2012

I’m not one of those who likes to rush into Christmas. I really enjoy the month of November. It’s cold and  wet. My yard is finally done for the year–garden work in the Pacific Northwest is a long, long, long season!  And, in November I get a lot of writing done!

However, all that being said…….I do have a brand new Christmas Romance Short Story which hit the Amazon bookstore this week.

Skipper Bill and Elizabeth have been friends forever. But, when Elizabeth is offered a job interview across the country, these two friends are going to need the help of a little mistletoe to find their holiday romance. Can mistletoe turn friendship to Christmas romance in this short holiday romance?

LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT is the third story in the Sailor Romance Series. (And no, you don’t have to read the other two before you read this one).  LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT is available as both a single title for 99 cents AND the publisher has created a collection of Holiday Romance Stories entitled, LOVE UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE which sells for $5.99 and includes four other Christmas romance stories as well as mine.  LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT is up on Amazon, and will be coming to Barnes and Noble soon.

I really enjoyed writing LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT. It was the most challenging to write of my three short stories in the Sailor Series. The story is a friends to romance story. Skipper Bill and Elizabeth have been friends forever, and the trick in writing the story was to allow that friendship to move to romance without making either character appear clueless or passive about the other’s feelings. The other challenge was to give Elizabeth her career working as an educational director in a Zoo and not allow her to give that up when she falls in love with Bill.

I hope you enjoy reading LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT as much as I enjoyed writing it! It is my favorite of the three stories in the Sailor Series.

You can buy LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT here.

You can buy LOVE UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE anthology here.

And stay tuned as we move into December….there are a couple other things working their way to December publication releases–both of which have to do with Jasmine and STAINED GLASS SUMMER……..

Happy Holidays!


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