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Writing and Reading with Boys

on November 20, 2012

Last week, I turned in a YA short story for Musa’s upcoming anthology about “first experiences.” The anthology will be published in February or March. My story, “The First Drive” is told from the point of view of a teen boy.  This is not the first time I have written from the male point of view. My YA romance, WEAVING MAGIC, is told in alternating view points–one of which is sixteen-year-old Christopher’s point of view.

It’s not easy to write from the male point of view, and honestly, I’m not sure I do it very well. But, sometimes those male voices just want to tell the story.

There was a great blog post on Cynthia Leight Smith’s blog entitled, “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” by guest blogger Karen Rock.

Some of the things she mentions in her post are:

1. Action is critical in books boys want to read.

2. Boys gravitate toward non-fiction and read books on subjects which interest them

3. Gross-out books, human interest and sports stories are favorites with boy readers

4. The voice should be authentic in the story.

To read the whole blog post, go here.

All of these above mentioned items are things I discovered in designing and creating my two classes for teachers, BOOKS FOR BOYS, and WRITING WITH BOYS.  (These are distance learning classes I teach through Seattle Pacific University to educators who need to continue their education for certification renewal. You can see more about these classes here.)

But, one of the things which is not mentioned is romance and boys. In my experience, working with the teen boys in juvenile detention, the boys want to read a bit of romance too. More times than not, it was the teen boys asking, “Do you have a poetry book with love poems?” I think this is why I explore the topic of teen love with my boy characters in both WEAVING MAGIC and my upcoming short story, “First Drive.”

What do you think? Have you written a story with a male point of view?


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