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Gifting an Ebook

on November 26, 2012

It’s Cyber Monday! Time to pull out those credit cards and start the on-line Christmas Shopping. (If you didn’t get enough of it this weekend….).

So, in honor of Cyber Monday, I wanted to take a moment and share how to gift an ebook.

If you want to gift a Kindle Book or NOOK Book–all you need to know is the person’s email address. That’s it!  You simply need the recipient’s email address. It’s as easy as sending an on-line card!

First, pull up the book’s page, make sure you are on the page for the Kindle or Nook version of the book you want to gift and not the print book. Next, click on Give as a Gift and there will be a couple steps to take.

Type in the person’s email address, then, you’ll preference when you want the book to be sent. I just sent one to my Mom for her birthday. I ordered the book on Sunday, November 25, but set the book to be sent on Monday, November 26. If you’ve ever ordered amazon gift cards to be sent, it’s the same process.

Then, you’ll have an opportunity to fill out what you’d like the gift message to say. You can click on preview to see what the email will look like that the recipient will receive and that’s it.

On Christmas Day, your recipient  will receive an email telling them they have received an ebook gift. They’ll click on the button in the email and be directed to how to download the book for their Kindle or Nook.

It’s very easy, but if you want to see a detailed list of how to send ebook gifts through Amazon,  click here.    

Or for the Nook click here

I think this gift an ebook process is especially great for gifts for kids!

If you know of a 5th-7th grader with an ereader, send them an ebook gift of STAINED GLASS SUMMER! (Amazon). STAINED GLASS SUMMER (Nook)!

I’m happy to mail out a signed bookmark or postcard of STAINED GLASS SUMMER or WEAVING MAGIC to anyone who is sending an ebook as a gift this holiday season.  I can send the signed bookmark or postcard directly to the child receiving the ebook if you let me know their address.

Or, my newest romance short story, LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT, also makes a nice ebook gift for those special holiday people on your list.

And while we are on the subject of gift giving……

WEAVING MAGIC will have a PRINT book which can be ordered through Amazon very soon! There will be a new cover on the print book. Look for a big announcement by the early part of December.

And……STAINED GLASS SUMMER will have an AUDIO version very soon! I have heard the first fifteen minutes and it’s FABULOUS! Jasmine really comes to life in the audio version. Look for that announcement in early December too.

Audio and print books make great gifts too, and I have signed bookplates I can mail you to insert into the print WEAVING MAGIC or the Audio STAINED GLASS SUMMER.


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