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Audio Book Stained Glass Summer

on December 18, 2012

I have received, reviewed, and approved the AUDIO book of STAINED GLASS SUMMER! The AUDIO book is read by voice over artist, Sarah Newswanger. It will be available at Amazon, Audible, as well as Apple’s Itune Store.

stained_glass_summer audio cover

So how did this audio book happen? First, the Musa contract does not ask for audio book rights nor many other types of rights such as movie and film. However, Musa Publishing was extremely kind in they designed my cover for the audio book to match the ebook and print versions.

I had heard about the ACX Exchangewhere an author can list their book and voice over artists can audition. There is no guarantee your book will be picked up, nor that you have to accept one of the auditions. A part of the ACX Exchange is also setting the terms and conditions of the contract with the voice over artist. There can be a flat fee paid to the voice over artist or it can be a royalty contract where the royalties are split between the voice over artist and the author. I chose the royalty contract.

Then I waited.

It didn’t take long before I had notice that there was an audition waiting for me.  In the ACX Exchange listing I preferenced that I wanted someone with a “teen” sounding voice. The first audition did not fit this requirement. So, I politely thanked her for her time and declined the offer.

I received another audition a few weeks later. Again, this voice wasn’t quite right.

A few more weeks went by and then I received Sarah’s audition. I knew right away she was Jasmine’s voice. I sent an acceptance email through the ACX Exchange with due dates for each section of the book to be finished. In all, it was about a three month time period for the book to be recorded.

Once Sarah sent the finished files back to the ACX Exchange, I sat down to listen to them. I was amazed! As I listened, I found myself lost in the story and forgot I was the one who wrote it. Sarah captures all of Jasmine’s emotion about her Dad leaving, her new life on the Island, Cole, and the struggle to fit in on the Island. Sarah also captures the other minor character in a voice that at times, made me laugh out loud for how well they fit each character.

The AUDIO book of STAINED GLASS SUMMER will release soon and I will post here the links for Amazon, Itunes, and Audible.

I do hope you will buy it and enjoy the story told in this new format as much as the written format.


2 responses to “Audio Book Stained Glass Summer

  1. Wow, Mindy. That’s very exciting! I’ve always wanted to consider this option, but I had no idea how it worked. I really appreciate you sharing this.

  2. You’re welcome! It’s a very neat process. Go for it!

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