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Valentine’s Day Romance is Published

on January 24, 2013

Every romance writer needs a story for Valentine’s Day, and I’m happy to announce that VINTAGE VALENTINE is now available for purchase as an ebook.

Vintage Valentine

Story Blurb: On Valentine’s Day, Hailey returns home to the Elmheart Hotel with her ten-year-old daughter. After years away, Hailey is happy to help celebrate her grandparent’s golden wedding anniversary. But, when Hailey finds former, high school boyfriend, Patrick, working as the hotel’s chef, she will have to find a way to tell Patrick the secret she has kept for ten years in this sweet contemporary romance short story.

Vintage Valentine takes place in the Elmheart Hotel on Lake Ontario. The Elmheart Hotel was a hotel during the 1800’s. It was the last stop on a trolley line that ran from Rochester to Manitou Beach. In 1931, a fire caused the rooms to be closed to guests. However, during the Depression, a dance hall was built and big bands played in the dance hall. In 1993, arson brought the hotel to ashes. It was a dream of mine to restore the hotel, and although that could not take place, I hope this series of stories about the Elmheart Hotel brings it back to life.

I will be sharing a little more about the Elmheart Hotel in another blog post, soon. And there will be more Elmheart Hotel stories later this year.

You can find VINTAGE VALENTINE at Amazon here. It will be coming soon to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and other ebook stores.


4 responses to “Valentine’s Day Romance is Published

  1. Susan Lampe says:

    Nice way to accomplish your dream, Mindy! Look forward to reading this romance soon! Susan Lampe

  2. dawnmarie570 says:

    Such a heart-warming story as well as the background to it! ❤

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