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Vintage Valentines–The Story Behind the Story

on January 29, 2013

The title of my latest sweet, contemporary romance is VINTAGE VALENTINES.

Vintage Valentine

In the story, ten-year-old, Kaitlin, is given a box of old valentine’s from her Grandmother.  I, too, was given a box of vintage valentines which once belonged to my Grandfather.

One of my hobbies is collage art and art journaling. When my Grandparent’s house was cleaned out, my Aunt discovered a box of old valentine’s. She thought I might like to use them for my collages. When I opened up the box, I found valentine’s from the 1920’s. The valentine’s were a bit yellowing and some were torn, but they were still amazing. Inside the valentines were the names of my Grandpa’s classmates as they wrote messages to him.I didn’t have the heart to use them in my collage work.

So, instead of cutting them up for collage, I bought small, photo albums and created three photo albums with the vintage valentine’s.  I took the larger valentines, which were stand-up decorations, and placed each one in a plastic bag. I keep the whole collection in a large box and around Valentine’s Day, the valentines come out and I decorate my house. This year, I added one more valentine to the collection. I added the valentine I received last year from my grandfather. It was the last valentine I received before he passed away in August. I thought that card should have a home with all of the other special valentine cards. Maybe someday, a future generation will find my card and place it on the mantel as a decoration, too.

When I sat down to write Vintage Valentine, I found those valentines crept into my story!

Here are some pictures of the Valentines.


(Stand-Up Decoration)


(Stand-Up Decoration)



2 responses to “Vintage Valentines–The Story Behind the Story

  1. dawnmarie570 says:

    Those are so timeless & special, Mindy, & such a great addition to the story as well ❤

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