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Character Secrets

on March 9, 2013

This week in the Creative Writing Club, the kids and I were talking about secrets. In order to help us learn a bit about our character”s secrets, we used the following journal prompts.

1. What’s in your character’s closet?
2. What’s in your character’s pocket?
3. What’s in your character’s nightstand?
4. What is under your character’s bed?
5. Does your character have a secret hiding place? Where?
6. Who does your character hide from?
7. Does your character have a best friend? Do they tell everything to that best friend? What do they keep hidden?

If you want to read more about character secrets, Darcy Pattison wrote a great blog post about character secrets here.

And here’s a little secret to share about revision….Darcy Pattison has a great book which is very helpful for revision entitled: Novel Metamorphosis: Uncommon Ways to Revise.

I used the book when working on my novel, WEAVING MAGIC, and found her techniques to be very helpful!

Do your characters have secrets?


One response to “Character Secrets

  1. Susan Lampe says:

    Mindy–Nice blog! Good ideas for teaching also. Susan Lampelampes

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