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Fairy Tale Opener Contest

on April 6, 2013


Do you have a 100-word opening for a Fairy Tale retelling? Can you write one in 100 words or less? If you want to play along with this contest, the Institute Of Children’s Literature is sponsoring a Fairy Tale Opener Contest this month!  The winner may select either a year’s subscription to Children’s Writer, or the annual Writer’s Guide to 2013 (see the tabs above for descriptions of both).

The Fairy Tale Opener contest honors Hans Christian Andersen, whose birthday is April 2. Here are the directions:
– Write the opening paragraph for a modern-day fairy tale retelling. This is sponsored by the Institute of Children’s Literature, so I would recommend your opening be for a children’s story–an age.

The winner will be selected based on creativity; “promise” of a great story to follow; and a tight, invitingly well-written lead. Do your best!

– Post your entry to the Institute of Children’s Writers FACEBOOK page.  Here is the link. Maximum, 100 words, plus, a title.

Deadline, April 15.

To enter and find out more here is the link to the Institute of Children’s Writers FACEBOOK page.


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