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on May 11, 2013

Last weekend, I popped over to the estate sale which I blogged about here.

It was amazing. The woman had been a dressmaker and she had an entire building filled with boxes of old scrap fabric material. Good scrap material. I walked away with a large box of scrap fabrics, thread in many colors, and a lot of muslin.

But what to do with that scrap material?

Lucky for me, at about the same time, I signed up to take one of Mixed Media Artist, Carla Sonheim’s, class, A Journal and A Purse. (I interviewed Carla on this blog here, and blogged about her book, The Art of Silly, here)

Carla’s class was all about making a journal and a purse from scrap pieces of fabric–right up my alley with all of my estate sale treasures.

I’ve posted my journal and purse made from that wonderful box of scrap material below! I have a lot more scrap material, so I might be making a few more of these and giving them away as blog prizes in blog hops!

Also, if you are a sewer, check out this fabulous project, Dress A Girl Around the World. A group of students at Cascade High School in Everett are participating and the Everett Herald wrote a great article about the project here.

But you don’t have to be in high school to participate! And the patterns are simple and posted on the Dress A Girl Around the World website here. So, if you have some old pillow cases lying around and a sewing machine…get busy! I know the next estate sale I visit, I will be looking for pillow cases!

Journal 2 May 2013

Journal May 2013

Purse 2

Purse BackPurse Inside

2 responses to “Creative Projects

  1. Kim says:

    We loved your blog on the estate sale and spent most of the day reading the biographies on the estate sale site. Peoples lives are so interesting. Your real-life writing prompt idea was great and now you’ve created a journal and purse from the thread of another’s life. Imagine the power of one of these journals in the hands of a poor, young girl (maybe a garment worker) from Bangladesh, Thailand or Cambodia? Your connective-creativity is never-ending, Mindy Hardwick!

  2. Great idea about the journals into the hands of a young girl in Thailand or Cambodia, etc!

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