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Markets for Short Pieces

on June 12, 2013

Recently, I was asked about where to find markets which are targeted toward an adult audience for short stories, essays, and poetry. The following are some of the places I would recommend if you have a shorter piece you are submitting.

Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers: I can’t say enough good things about this resource. Each week, Hope Clark sends out a listing of various markets including everything from magazines, grants, and contests. It’s free to subscribe to the shorter version (which is usually all I need).  Sign up here.

Christian Writers Submission Information: Sally Clark provides this helpful resource. It’s is a great list for finding submission opportunities for not only Christian stories, but also heartwarming stories and essays. One of my short romances, “Morning Light” was published with one of her listings. You can find Christian Writers Submission Information here.

Duotrope: This is the huge data base which lists markets for poetry, short story, and short, non-fiction submissions. You can enter your story criteria, word count, topic, and the search engine will generate a list for you. There is a free trial period, and afterwards the subscription costs $5 a month. You can find Duotrope here.

Cindi Myer Market News: Cindi Myer is an amazing romance author who emails a listing every week of places looking for submissions. A lot is for romance, but she just did a whole series of posts about places looking for short fiction. You can sign up for Cindi Myers Market news here.

Jim Harrington’s Flash Fiction Markets: If you are writing anything in flash fiction, the best resource to know about is Jim Harrington’s Flash Fiction Chronicles. He posts articles about flash fiction and keeps a list of places looking for flash fiction submissions. You can find the whole listing of flash fiction markets here.

Verla Kay’s Blueboard: This is a wealth of information for children’s writers. There are boards for short story markets, article markets as well as for book publishers–all in children’s market. I believe Verla Kay’s Blueboard has recently merged with SCBWI. So, if you are a National Member of SCBWI, you can access all of her boards through the SCBWI website.  You can find out more about Verla Kay’s Blueboard here.


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