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Blue Gate–Writing Prompt

on July 1, 2013

We’ve been having a little bit of a heat spell in the Pacific Northwest and this weekend, I was inspired to paint my garden gate blue. I don’t actually mind the heat. I grew up in St. Louis and spent my summers at the pool or working at Six Flags. When we have heat, I usually pull out my paint brush and get busy. It’s not often that we get a string of sunny, hot days where the paint will actually dry within a reasonable time period!

I was also inspired to stain my back wall fence and benches for my fire pit and potting shed, but those pictures aren’t nearly as inspiring!

Blue Gate Front

Blue Gate

In the Southwest, blue gates are very popular and are believed to guard against evil spirits. And as I was painting, my mind was making up all kinds of story ideas. Stories with fairies. Stories with beautiful romantic gardens. Stories with gates that opened up to other worlds.

So, then I thought, AHA! A blue gate writing prompt.  Where does your blue gate take you and your story? For some inspiration to help you think about blue gates, I set up a Pinterest board with a lot of great blue gates here.

Have fun!


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