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YA Submissions, Graphic Novels, and More

on August 12, 2013

I thought it’d be fun to share some links from around the web.

What does an agent look for when she/he Googles you? This is a great blog posting about what an agent/editor is looking for when Googling an author (and yes–they Google us!)

Graphic novels--What are they? Who publishes them? This great post about graphic novels over at the STACKED BLOG can give you some great tips.

Along the same line, this post about Hybrid Novel/Graphic Novels at STACKED will give you more books to read in this genre.

Submission  Opportunity: Musa Publishing is hungry for innovative YA and NA fiction and GLBT YA and NA. All genres are welcome but please be mindful that the market is *flooded* with post-apocalypse/dystopian universe/vampire manuscripts, so we have to be extremely selective if we give a second look to any books that fall in these categories. Please study the masters of the genre–Musa seeks high-quality writing as well as creative stories. We welcome middle grade and early reader books that are complete (submissions must include final format artwork, if applicable.)

The YA imprint of Musa Publishing Submission Guidelines can be found here.



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