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on August 16, 2013

It’s August and back-to-school time is right around the corner–for some kids and teachers that time has already arrived!

I don’t go back to a classroom anymore, but I do start to receive classwork in the mail from the six distance learning classes I teach through Seattle Pacific University SPIRAL Program. The educator classes range from Writing the Picture Book to Children’s Literature classes which includes my latest classes–finding great Books for Boys as well as Writing with Boys. All the information about the educator classes is posted on my website here. Please register for all courses through Seattle Pacific University. 

The courses can be taken by any educator looking for continuing education credits. You do not need to be a Washington State Certified teacher to take the courses.

I enjoy reading and grading the educator coursework. Teachers are great students, and the packets which come in during the summer are some of my favorites.

One of my classes, Writing the Picture Book asks teachers to write an original picture book. The course also asks teachers to incorporate picture books into their writing classroom.

There was a great blog post on the Nerdy Book Blog the other day about Making Writing Real by Using Picture Books. You can find and read that post here.

If you’re looking for great blogs and resources for educators, some of my favorites are:

Teach Mentor Texts

Great Kid Books (Lots of good posts about the Common Core Standards this month)

Librarian in Cute Shoes

Two Writing Teachers

Kate Messner—  Kate is an author who runs a great summer writing program for teachers on her blog.

And if you’re looking for great children’s books picked specifically by bloggers, be sure to check out the Cybils Blog.


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