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Writing a Romance Series

on September 2, 2013

One of the things I’ve discovered in the world of epublishing is books in a series sell well. It can be very challenging for readers to find new books, and if they get hooked on a series, it’s really easy to download the next book. I’ve noticed in my own reading that I read far more books in a series and/or books by the same author than I used to.

I had never thought much about writing a series until I wrote my sweet, contemporary romance novella, LOVE’S STORMS.  Originally, I planned the story as a stand-alone story. But readers quickly started asking me, “Do you have more romance stories?”

This was totally unexpected! I always loved romance stories in high school and college, In college, I worked at Village Green Bookstore in Rochester, New York. Village Green was a fabulous independent bookstore and the employees got to “check out” books to take home to read.  During college, I read a couple writing romance books and played around with some ideas, but they never went very far. It wasn’t until writing my young adult romance, WEAVING MAGIC, that I seriously began learning about the craft of romance.

After LOVE’S STORMS was published, I realized I better learn how to write more books in a series. So, I signed up for Misty Evan’s class, Writing a Romance Series at Savvy Authors.  After the class, I went on to write two more novellas in the Sailor Series, LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT and LOVE’S BID. Each story was published as a stand-alone novella. Now, all three stories are being released in an anthology collection called WINDS OF LOVE. The anthology will be available in both print and ebook.

This year, I began writing the Elmheart Hotel sweet, romance novella series. The first one, VINTAGE VALENTINE came out in February and the next one, HALLOWEEN’S LOVE PREDICTION, will be out later this fall. One thing I did in the Elmheart Series is have some of the characters from the Sailor Series show up as “walk-on” characters. This was a fun, and easy way for me to link the two series together.  Both series were sold to ebook publisher, Books To Go Now, so I could link my  characters without worrying about getting the rights from another publisher.

I love writing series. I love the world building aspect and I love writing about characters who are minor characters from another story. I have more series ideas for both sweet, contemporary romance and young adult and will be working on those after I finish the Elmheart Hotel series.

Misty Evans is teaching the class, Writing a Romance Series, again, so if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write books in a series, this is the class to take!  You can register at Savvy Authors here.

About the Workshop

Romance readers and publishers alike love series, but plotting a romance series can be a daunting project, keeping you from taking the plunge. Not only do you have to manage the main plot, but also the romantic one. In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

* Plot for each type of romance series (serial, sequel, spin-off)
* Recognize thematic romance plot lines and how to use them
* Develop and track multiple plot lines and sub plots
* Develop a romance story arc over multiple books


2 responses to “Writing a Romance Series

  1. Susan Lampe says:

    Mindy–I found this very interesting about how you started writing romance. I enjoy your romances and hope you keep writing them! Susan Lampe

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