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Flea Markets and Vintage Ideas

on September 8, 2013

This summer, I got on a little trend. I started re-purposing old items. It began when I dug my old yellow bookcase out of the garage. This bookcase has been with me since I was a child. Originally, I stored all the great books I read in middle and high school on it.  I talked about some of my old-school favorite books here.

Old Yellow bookcase

When I became a middle school teacher, I set up the bookcase in my first classroom and stored a classroom library of favorite books for middle grade-many of which were my own from when I was a middle school student.

After I left teaching, the bookcase got tucked away in a corner in the garage. However, this spring, I became the owner of a cottage on the Oregon Coast. I thought the bookcase belonged in the cottage, so I got it back out, repainted it and viola…

Painted Bookshelf

I had a lot of paint left, so I also painted the rocking chair which I used to have in my first classroom with that bookcase. The rocker belonged to my Mom in college. The rocker will also be in the cottage.


But, the bookcase and rocker weren’t the only things to find a new life this summer. My Mom has kept my old tricycle and wagon in her garage for years and years and years. After attending a few flea markets and vintage sales, I realized there was a lot to be done with the old wagon. (And these things have become quite valuable, apparently!)

Here is the old wagon and tricycle:

Old wagon and tricycleAnd here is the old wagon with a new life…(the tricycle is waiting until next summer to get it’s new life when it will have some colorful pots and a new basket decked out in red, white and blue streamers). I found the cute red boots at a great place on the Oregon Coast called, Yankee Trader. If you’re on the North end of Highway 101 near Gearhart, I highly recommend a stop!

Little Red WagonFinally, my last project was a bedroom nightstand set. The set was given to me when I bought my first house–about eighteen years ago! The tops of the stands had become stained and the paint was beginning to peel, but I didn’t want to get rid of them because they are good nightstands.

This summer, I was given a large stack of vintage cards. I’ve had the Vintage Valentine cards from my family for a couple years, (the inspiration for my sweet, contemporary romance series, VINTAGE VALENTINE) but I never could bear to do too much with the family cards. But this new set of vintage cards seemed like better material to change, so…I covered the tops of my nightstands with them and added new drawer pulls and viola…

Dresser 2

Dresser Top

I’m having a great time going to flea markets, vintage sales and thrift stores looking for what else can be given a new life. It’s been a busy summer creating new from the old, and yes….there are some stories coming…..


2 responses to “Flea Markets and Vintage Ideas

  1. Shannon Hardwick says:

    I love what you have done with your bedside tables, and the cottage pieces you painted high-gloss white. Hopefully on my next visit, I’ll be seeing the real thing. Aunt Shannon

  2. Yes….on the next visit, we’ll go out to the cottage and you can see the real thing!

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