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WEAVING MAGIC is on-sale

on September 21, 2013

The ebook of WEAVING MAGIC is currently on-sale for 2.99!

Weaving Magic 333x500

BLURB: He loves magic. She loves romance. But the biggest illusion is the one Shantel and Christopher perform together.  Sixteen- year- old Christopher fights to stay sober while fifteen-year-old Shantel struggles in the aftermath of her mother’s death and seeks refuge in a fantasy world. But the unacknowledged roots of their problems refuse to stay buried and soon, the two are headed toward a deadly magic trick. Can Shantel and Christopher move beyond magical illusions to find love?

You can buy WEAVING MAGIC (ebook) at:

Smashwords COUPON CODE: DL52J

MuseItUp Publishing  

(When you buy at MuseItUp Publishing, you will have access to all formats of ebooks. (ePub, PRC, PDF, Mobi). So if you read on an iPad and your high school daughter reads on a Kindle, you can get two copies of the ebook for the price of one.

Amazon for Kindle

There is also a free study guide available here.


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