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Happy Anniversary Musa Publishing!

on October 8, 2013


Happy 2nd Anniversary Musa Publishing! Musa Publishing is the home of my upper middle grade, STAINED GLASS SUMMER.


STAINED GLASS SUMMER was my first published book and a part of Musa’s YA imprint (Euterpe Books) early line of YA books. It is an EPIC ebook award finalist in the children’s category. And…the best thing…you can still purchase STAINED GLASS SUMMER for your ereader or tablet just as easily as you could on the day it released! That’s pretty good for a first time author’s first book! (All the buy links are on my website here.)

STAINED GLASS SUMMER published in December 2011 (ebook) and in June 2012 with limited edition print copies which I sell at book signings and events. Last Christmas, there was a spin-off story, ELF SHOES, which is still available for free here. 


I‘ve been thrilled to be a Musa author over the last two years. Not only is it fun to see a book I worked on for ten years finally in print and making it’s way to readers, it’s also been great to be part of the team at Musa. I’ve learned so much about blog tours, social media, book signings, and most of all I’ve really enjoyed getting to know other Musa writers both on-line and in person at conferences such as the 2012 Spring Fling in Chicago where I met romance authors, Sara Daniel and Susan Rae, and Tracie Ingersoll Loy and the EPIC Ebook Award Conference in Vancouver where I met Liese Sherwood-Fabre.             .

As a part of the 2nd Anniversary, Musa Publishing is having a 30 percent sale on books bought from their store. Here is the line up of sales for each week in October.

Week 1: Aurora Regency & Clio  (Regency and Historical Romance)
Week 2: Calliope/FEA/Wiccan Haus (These are the romance lines at Musa)
Week 3: Erato (GLBT)
Week 4: Euterpe & Pan (YA) (Young Adult–Line for STAINED GLASS SUMMER)
Week 5: Melpomene/Thalia/Urania (Horror/Paranormal/Speculative Fiction)

I hope you’ll try out one of the other Musa authors during this anniversary month! Or, if you’re an author, perhaps you’ll consider submitting in January 2014! (Musa is closed to submissions during the upcoming holidays) You can find the submission guidelines here.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Musa Publishing!


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