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GMC by Debra Dixon

on October 12, 2013

I’ve just returned from the RWA Moonlight and Magnolias Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the big reasons I wanted to attend the conference (beyond spending a few extra days and visiting Savannah!), was I wanted to hear Debra Dixon’s three hour workshop on GMC (Goal, Motivation, Conflict).


At the first romance writers conference I attended, everyone was talking about Debra Dixon and her GMC.

GMC answers a lot of questions about plotting–something I have a hard time with! GMC asks a writer to identify:

What is a character’s goal?

What is a character’s motive for reaching that goal?

And what is the conflict of the story?

When I am writing a story (of any length or any genre), I always work out these questions before I start writing. It saves time when I am drafting from veering off onto paths that lead to dead ends!

When I got home from that first Seattle RWA Conference, I went on-line to order the book and discovered it was only available in print here.

But good news…..GMC by Debra Dixon is now available as an ebook!


You can buy GMC by Debra Dixon at


Barnes and Noble

I highly recommend this book for writers in any genre.




2 responses to “GMC by Debra Dixon

  1. AmalieB says:

    Doood, I’m so jealous! and YAY FOR EBOOK GMC. About time!

  2. She’s a great speaker! Very excited to have the ebook option now!

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