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Market News and Round-Up

on October 17, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Last night, I had the great fortune to listen in on a webinar with Stacy C. Abrams from Entangled Publishing and sponsored by the SCBWI Carolinas.  The webinar was all about ebooks and Stacy shared with us about Entangled Teen’s YA imprints.  She talked about everything from price point, to marketing, to what she is seeking.

Entangled Teen is open to both agented and non-agented submissions. They have both a traditional print line as well as an ebook only line. Entangled is known for romance, so the teen line reflects this in all genres. (Dystopia and Paranormal are hard sells right now).

Find out more about Entangled Teen here.

Other market news….

Gemma Cooper at the Bent Agency has just posted her “wish list.” This is a great one and if you’re in the market hunt for an agent, these wish lists can be very helpful to know where to target your manuscript.

Agent, Jill Corcoran has recently started her own agency and she also has a wish list here.

And something fun to read...

On a fun note, over at the Stacked blog, there was a great post about weeding a YA collection. It’s interesting to see some of the trends in teen reading and what books get weeded and why.  You can read that article here.


2 responses to “Market News and Round-Up

  1. Karen Troncale says:

    Thanks again for your timely information.

  2. Mindy hardwick says:

    You are welcome, Karen!

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