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Halloween Candle Customs

on October 25, 2013

In my latest sweet contemporary romance, HALLOWEEN LOVE FORTUNE, main characters, Zach and Jenny, are encouraged to fall in love with the help of a little pumpkin carving.  On Halloween night, carved jack-o-lanterns are placed on the porch of the Elmheart Hotel and candles lit inside.

Halloween Love Fortune

But, candles have not always been used to light the insides of pumpkins on Halloween. Some other uses for candles on Halloween have included:

  • Light a single candle and jump over it. If the candle stays lit, there is good fortune in the coming year. If the candle goes out, the coming year will be bad luck.
  • Light twelve candles and place in them in a row. Each candle represents a month of the year. Jump over the candles. The candles that go out signify the months a woman will marry. If none go out, the woman will remain unmarried.
  • Light a tall candle and place it on a table. Walk three paces from the candle, then turn and try three times to blow it out. If the candle is still lit, it means the woman will not marry, three tries and the future spouse will be a working man, two tries and a man of rank, and one tries and he’ll be a rich man!


“Jenny?” Zach reached over and picked up the carving knife. He turned the plastic knife over in his
left hand. He doubted the knife would carve much of anything. It was no stronger than a plastic knife used at
picnics. “What do you say? Can we carve this pumpkin?”

Jenny shook her head. “I’m sorry. I just don’t think I’ve carved pumpkins since…” Jenny’s voice broke
off suddenly.
Zach’s heart ached for her. Softly, he squeezed her hand. Zach wanted to tell Jenny nothing would ever
harm her again. He knew her childhood hadn’t been easy. She shouldered a lot of responsibility after her mom
died. It hurt Jenny when her younger sister, Allison, married right out of high school, moved to San Diego and
didn’t invite Jenny to visit. Jenny had seen more than her share of heartache. Zach wanted nothing more than to
take it all away and make sure she never hurt again. “We can do this together,” Zach said, his voice husky with
emotion. “Go ahead and cut the top. We’ll scoop the seeds out first.”
Very carefully, Jenny moved the knife into the hard pumpkin shell where it promptly stuck.
“Here.” Zach leaned around Jenny. He wrapped his right hand around the knife. “I don’t think this is
the best knife for carving,” he whispered against her cheek. “But let’s go with it. Maybe it will work with the
strength of the two of us.”

To read more of HALLOWEEN LOVE FORTUNE go here. 

HALLOWEEN LOVE FORTUNE is FREE on Amazon this weekend.


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