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SCBWI’s New Website

on October 29, 2013

SCBWI launched a new website last week.  When I logged in, I was surprised to see I’d been a member of SCBWI since 2002! I first heard about SCBWI when I took my first writing for children class at Richard Hugo House. The class, Writing the Picture Book, was taught by Seattle author, Terri Cohlene. She encouraged us all to join SCBWI. It’s something I’ve continued to pass on as I teach classes and I always encourage new children’s writers to join SCBWI.

Over the years, I’ve attended everything from the annual Seattle SCBWI Spring Conference to the Fall Write on the Water Conference to the monthly meetings in the Seattle SCBWI (The format was changed this year to not include these monthly meetings). I’ve been a part of the Inside Story event in Seattle as well as spoken on a panel for the monthly meetings. I’ve also written articles for the SCBWI Bulletin (You get your yearly membership fee paid as a part of selling an article to them).

I don’t attend SCBWI events so much anymore as I’ve been attending some of the RWA Conferences(Romance Writers of America), but I still keep my membership with SCBWI as I sell and write in both in the children’s markets and the romance markets.

SCBWI is growing quickly these days. They’ve added a Book Launch Award given to two authors launching a new book and  the Spark Award which is given to a self-published or non-traditional book.  And, now the new website!

It’s a pretty cool website. There is a Members Bookstore here.  Anyone can browse in the bookstore. You can search under type of book (Chapter Book, Picture Book, Middle Grade, Non-Fiction, Young Adult or under a specific topic you want to read about. When you reach the book’s page, there are links which take you directly to the buy buttons in places such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, as well as back to the publisher’s buy page.

On the book’s page, there is also places for reviews.

Here are the links to STAINED GLASS SUMMER and WEAVING MAGIC at the SCBWI Bookstore.

There is also a new and improved listing for speakers. You can see my SCBWI speaker listing here.

There is also a new and improved place for the SCBWI Member Profile.Here is mine.

One thing added was an Artist Statement which is very great! Here was what I wrote:

Mindy Hardwick enjoys writing stories for all ages which connect kids, art and community. Her middle grade novel, STAINED GLASS SUMMER, is a 2013 EPIC Award Finalist in Children’s. The story is about artistic mentorship in glass art and set on a Pacific Northwest island.  Mindy’s forthcoming picture book, FINDERS KEEPERS from MeeGenius Publishing, tells the story of the Lincoln City, Oregon community event, Finders Keepers, in which hand crafted artist glass floats are placed on the beach for winter beach walkers to find. Mindy loves to talk to kids about writing and creativity and is available for in-person events as well as Skype author chats.

Along with the new website comes access to industry podcasts, back issues of the SCBWI Bulletin, and Verla Kay’s Blueboard.

If you haven’t checked out SCBWI, or are new to writing for children, I do encourage you to look around the new SCBWI website! And if you’ve had a membership for years, be sure to check out all the new features. I am very happy with them!


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