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The Barmback–An Irish Halloween Tradition

on October 31, 2013

When I was writing my sweet, contemporary romance novella, HALLOWEEN LOVE FORTUNE, I had a great time learning about the old-fashioned tradition of Halloween as a day of love. During Halloween of the past, there were many customs which  included fortune telling. You can learn more about Halloween fortune telling on my blog post here which is a part of the Haunting Blogging event at the Long and Short Reviews.

One of those Halloween fortune telling traditions includes the Irish Barmback bread.  Often called, “brack”, the bread contained various objects baked into the bread such as peas, sticks, and a ring.  Each item, when received in a slice, would foretell of the following.

  • A pea–The person would not marry in that year.
  • A stick–The person would have an unhappy marriage
  • A piece of cloth–Foretold of bad luck or poverty
  • a small coin–Good fortune or wealth
  • a ring–Marriage in the year.

Here are a couple different recipes for the Irish Barmback Bread in case you want to try your luck this Halloween night!

Barmback Bread Recipe One

Barmback Bread Recipe Two

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Love Fortune


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