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Holiday Blog Hop

on December 1, 2013

Holiday Blog op

Happy Holidays! I’m participating in the Middle Grade and Young Adult Book Blog Hop hosted by I Love Middle Grade Books. 

Holidays are filled with traditions, from cooking that favorite cookie recipe to buying a gift for a child who really needs it, everyone has their favorite traditions. One of my favorite childhood traditions was the reading of Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs.

Father Christmas

Every Christmas Eve, Dad would tell us the story of the grumpy old Father Christmas and his trek around the world to deliver presents. Father Christmas is an illustrated story–we might call it a graphic novel now. And you can see many of the pictures here.

Last Christmas, that old and worn copy of Father Christmas appeared under my tree. It had a large stain in the right corner of the cover and smelled a little musty. Dad wrote in the card, “I thought it was time you had this story.” I never knew Dad still had the family story. I didn’t know it had survived all these years, although I did remember Dad saying he read it every Christmas. Dad passed away in May and Father Christmas was Dad’s last Christmas gift to me.

Now that I’m a writer, I have my own holiday stories and one of those is ELF SHOES.

elfshoes-200Blurb: Fourteen-year-old Alexa loves to volunteer as an elf at the Island Santa Workshop but this year her costume elf shoes feel a little too tight. When childhood playmate, sixteen-year-old Samson, turns up to play Santa, Alexa finds herself trying to convince Samson to see her as more than just one of the “boys.” Can first love be found this holiday season at Santa’s Workshop?

If you want to read one of my holiday stories, you can download ELF SHOES. This is a free download and a companion story to my middle grade, STAINED GLASS SUMMER.

STAINED GLASS SUMMER is available in all ebook formats as well as audio book.


Now…for that holiday blog giveaway. There are two opportunities to win at my blog.

First, I’m giving away one $10 gift card to Amazon. In order to be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is leave you name with an email address and a brief comment about one of your holiday traditions.

I am also giving away one copy of COOKING WITH MUSA.  This is a wonderful cookbook which has all the recipes posted on the Musa Publishing blog over the last two years. The cookbook will come to you as a PDF. I have printed my copy and filed it in a binder with my cookbooks.

Cooking with Musa

I will draw two winners (one for the gift card and one for the cookbook) and announce them on December 16, 2013. International and US entries. Please, only one comment per person.

Be sure to visit the other blogs on the Middle Grade and Young Adult Book Blog Hop here.

Happy Holidays!


8 responses to “Holiday Blog Hop

  1. June Kramin says:

    Love that you had a book tradition & that it got passed onto you! Thanks for joining the hop, Mindy!

  2. sharonledwith says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Mindy. What a beautiful tradition your father started. My hubby and I like to stick Christmas crackers in the tree after we’ve decorated. We’ve done this since we’ve been married. On Christmas Day, we remove the crakers and put them on the plates for our family to crack open. They love the little gifts and jokes inside. Some even where the hats! LOL! Cheers and happy holidays!

  3. Lisa Orchard says:

    Great post MIndy! I love family traditions! Especially at Christmas! 🙂

  4. ritamonette says:

    Dads are irreplaceable, Mindy. May his tradition live on. Our kids live a distance away and we can’t always get together, but when they do visit for christmas, we like to poke small unwrapped gifts in the tree. As the guests arrive, they’re allowed to grab something. Hey, first come first serve. There’s something for everyone, from measuring tapes to measuring cups… to gift cards to stuffed animals. There’s always some trading going on later too.

  5. That’s a fun idea with gifts in the tree! I might have to borrow that one year!

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