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NEW YEAR HEART SONG cover reveal

on December 27, 2013

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my third story in the Elmheart Hotel sweet, contemporary, romance series, NEW YEAR HEART SONG. The story will be available by New Years for all of those new holiday tablets. I will post the links to purchase as soon as they become available.

Books to Go Now, the publisher for all my romances, will also be remaking the first two covers in the Elmheart Series to be similiar to this one. Look for those new covers in 2014 as well as a PRINT anthology of all my sweet, contemporary romance series called LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS.  The PRINT anthology will be coming in January.

Happy New Year! May you find your heart’s desire this year! (Whether that is romance or following your passion and dream).

New YEar Heart Song






2 responses to “NEW YEAR HEART SONG cover reveal

  1. Pamela Greenwood says:

    Fantastic cover, Mindy. It’s great they’ll be doing the other covers to match the style.

    • Mindy hardwick says:

      Thanks! Yes, I think having the covers all look similar will help with the branding of the stories. Although I really like the current covers of Vintage Valentine and Halloween Love Fortune, too.

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