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Year of the Fairy Tale

on January 18, 2014

If you are a fan of the fairy tale, there are a couple opportunities that have popped on my radar lately.

Author, Beth Daniels, is teaching a class on Savvy Authors called, Tickling Your Muse: Warping Classic Fairy Tales to Recharge Your Inventive Batteries. The on-line class runs from February 3-March 2.

You can find out more about the class and register here.

Dark Fairy Tale Submissions: Little Bird Publishing is compiling an anthology of Dark Fairy Tales for Young Adults.With the theme of ‘Mirrors and Tears’ writers (both new and established) are invited to write a short story from 1,000-10,000 words for this anthology. The theme is open to interpretation and we look forward to reading a diverse range of YA tales. Poetry is also accepted. We also welcome works from writers aged 14+
Deadline March 1st. Submissions guidelines can be found here.

Mixed media artist, Carla Sonheim is teaching a year long on-line class, The Year of the Fairy Tale. Here is some information from her website about her class:

I’m known for my projects and techniques that help adult students recover a more spontaneous, playful approach to creating! During this year-long online class, we will illustrate 8 fairy tales (the class will run in two, four-month “semesters,” with a 7-week break in between). Each month you will receive both a sketchbook assignment and a technique-based, mixed-media project via professionally produced video.

My goal for all my classes is that students create art that is true to their own style (as opposed to expecting art look like mine). The techniques taught are just starting points and you will incorporate them into your own existing style and what will come out will be fresh and new.

Also, I strive to make sure that every online lesson includes both techniques and the opportunity for personal growth and self expression. “Year of the Fairy Tale” will be an online community where participants from all over the world share their work, their thoughts, and encourage each other. And of course, I am available to comment on all work uploaded throughout the year.

For each of the 8 working months you’ll receive:

• a PDF with that month’s Fairy Tale/Reading Assignment
• a Sketchbook Assignment (each month we’ll pick a focus: the figure, the face, animals, architecture, etc.)
• a Step-by-Step Mixed-Media Project (throughout the year we’ll work with watercolors, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, graphite, collage….)
Professionally Produced Instructional Video(s)
Special Blog Posts exploring each fairy tale’s rich visual history, guest artists, and more
Instructor Feedback on all uploaded or emailed work

Our virtual “classroom” includes a private blog and closed Facebook group.

You can find out more about Carla’s class, The Year of the Fairy Tale here. 


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