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Collage Art Poetry Workshop

on March 18, 2014

Today, I’m presenting a Collage Art Poetry Workshop at Homelink School in Lake Stevens.  The workshop is for two groups–an elementary group (3rd-5th grade) and a middle/high school group (6th grade-High School).

In both groups, we’re going to start off writing recipes about ourselves as a way of introductions. Next, I’m asking writers to exchange their recipes with someone else and have that person introduce them to us by reading the “About Me Recipe”.  Recipes can also be used for characters in an activity called, “Bake Your Character” and I wrote a blog post about it here.

Then, for the younger kids, we’ll do a copy/change excuse poem based on Shel Silverstein’s poem, SICK. This is always a lively activity and gets kids excited about poetry writing. It also shows how you can take a poem and using the structure, copy that structure and make your own poem.

For the older kids, we’re going to do found poetry. I’ve got pages of an old Nancy Drew Mystery–(I used the cover for an art journal and kept the pages.) The kids will circle words and then exchange with another person who will write the found poem. Found poetry is another great warm-up for any age and can be used with a variety of materials–think long car trip and hand over those maps and brochures and ask a kid to write a found poem based on those travel materials.

Then, in both groups, we’ll move into the main activity of the day. Collage Poetry!

I’m starting by talking with the kids about similes and metaphors and we’ll work in pairs to come up with responses to some of the following:

 A star sounds like ____________________________________ 

A cry tastes like_______________________________________

A circle smells like ______________________________________

A square moves like_______________________________________

A whisper looks like a_____________________________________

Mischief smells like ________________________________________

Then, we’ll work on creating Color Poems using personification. Each person will randomly select a color out a hat and answer a few questions which will help them personify the color. Some of the questions include:

How does your color move?

      How does it sound?

      What season was it born?

      Who are friends with your color?

Who are enemies to your color?

Finally, we’ll take those colors and using a variety of materials (tissue papers, scraps of paper, and magazines), create a color collage which will go on one half of the paper with the poem on the other.

You can download the entire handout here: Collage Art Poetry Workshop Handout

The poems will be hung around downtown Lake Stevens during April–National Poetry Month.

2 responses to “Collage Art Poetry Workshop

  1. ann teplick says:

    Very cool, Mindy!

  2. Thanks Ann! I thought of you a lot today as I was working with the writers!

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