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Finders Keepers Resources

on April 1, 2014

Finders Keepers Cover

FINDERS KEEPERS, a picture book app published with MeeGenius, is a story inspired by a real event called Finders Keepers in Lincoln City, Oregon.

During Finders Keepers in Lincoln City, Oregon glass artists create spheres which are hidden on the beach for winter beach walkers to find. A few glass balls are set out each day with the exception of special float drops such as the one which takes place during the Spring Break Holiday.

You can read about Finders Keepers in Lincoln City, Oregon here.

And you can see pictures of real glass floats on the Finders Keepers Pinterest Board here.

One of my favorite lines is the book is:

The ocean looked like it was very angry. The water moved in large swells and white foam covered the beach. Jesse touched the white foam. It wiggled like a big moving monster. The wind blew pieces of foam down the beach like tumbleweed.

Here are a couple pictures, taken from Ecola State Park, in Cannon Beach which is about two hours north of Lincoln City where the story takes place. This picture was taken during a fall storm like the one Jessee experiences. You can see how the waves are very foamy!




A few years ago, the Schack Art Center in Everett began hosting a yearly event called The Jetty Island Glass Float Find. This event is a part of the yearly Fresh Paint Festival where you can go to watch artists at work.

The Schack Center created this fun video showing how the glass floats are made and the rush to find them. Unlike the Lincoln City Oregon event, this is a one day event and there is a more of a “rush” and big Easter egg hunt feel to it than the one in Lincoln City which takes place over the winter months.



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