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Finders Keepers–Making a Glass Float

on April 14, 2014

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Lincoln City, Oregon recently. Lincoln City is home to the annual Finders Keepers event where glass floats are hidden on the beach for winter beach walkers to find. This is the inspiration behind my picture book app, FINDERS KEEPERS which is available from MeeGenius.

Finders Keepers Cover

The days I was in Lincoln City, the sun was shining but the wind blowing off the ocean was breathtakingly cold! Even so, I did manage to get out every day and hunt for a glass float. I didn’t find one, so I headed over to the Jennifer Sears Art Glass Shop to make my own. Of course, I really only helped a tad bit by picking colors and doing a little turning of the glass float in the hot, hot fire.

Here are the pictures from making a glass float!

We began by picking colors from plastic bins. Looks like many craft projects!

Blowing a Float 1

Next, a little bit of glass was placed on the end of the pole and stuck in the hot fire. This made it very liquid and it was dipped in each of the colors.

Blowing a Float 3

This is the hot, hot fire. I could barely stand in front of it!

Blowing a Float 5

The glass came out of the hot fire and was rolled back and forth to give it the circle shape. See how none of the colors from above are in the glass? That’s because it’s so hot right now!

Blowing a Float 6

But…look…after many times of going back in the hot fire and rolling and cooling…a glass float took shape. Now see the colors! In order to get it to “blow up.” They attach a small hose to the end and I blew my own air into the float. That’s the best thing about making these floats, is it’s your breath which is inside.

Blowing a Float 9

The glass was taken to this station where the date and LC (Lincoln City) was stamped. He’s stamping the imprint.

Blowing a Float 10

Here is the glass float. It was placed inside a large bin with other floats to cool slowly overnight before I could pick it up the next day!

Blowing a Float 11


2 responses to “Finders Keepers–Making a Glass Float

  1. Susan Lampe says:

    Mindy–Very interesting blog on blowing a glass ball in Lincoln City!!! Great!

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