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Spencer Hill YA Contemporary Pitch Fest Opportunity

on April 28, 2014

Spencer Hill Contemporary is taking YA Contemporary pitches from April 28-April 30, 2014.  This special pitch fest is happening on Brenda Drake’s blog click on the link here. Yes…that’s right, this special pitch fest starts today!!

You’ll need only the meat of your query (hook & mini-synopsis), and you only have 200 words (max).

Spencer Hill YA Contemporary is looking for contemporary, realistic YA fiction only. This means anything that takes place in our world and abides by the generally accepted laws of reality, time, and space.

For this contest we are looking for real stories with real characters that we can fall in love with and pretend, with very little suspension of belief that those characters could exist out there somewhere. Strong voice and unforgettable characters are important to us.

How do you make your query stand out? Pinpoint the piece of the story that makes your query unique. Tell us who your character is, what your character wants, and what stands in the way.

Spencer Hill Contemporary only takes agented submissions year-round, so this is a really unique opportunity where most of our editors are in one place looking at your query! Keep in mind that we are not agents; we are editors looking for authors who want their books to be considered for publication! We are accepting completed, polished YA manuscripts only. If you’ve submitted your cowboy story before and someone on staff has read/reviewed/passed previously at any time, then please do not resubmit.

Before you enter, please take a moment to check out www.spencerhillcontemporary.com to check out most of our current and upcoming titles.

Again, the pitch fest is taking place on Brenda Drake’s blog here.

Good luck! Let us know if you sell your book!

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