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on May 7, 2014

I subscribe to a handful of blogs, and while I’m brewing my coffee, scroll through them on my phone blog reader. I’ll be honest, for most of the postings, I read the title and the first paragraph and mark as “read.” It’s not they aren’t interesting or that I want to unsubscribe, it’s just I subscribed to all of them for various reasons and on any given morning, those reasons may not always be applicable to that first cup of coffee.

The blogs I subscribe to range from children’s literature blogs (handy for my educator classes and to know what is current in children’s literature), blogs on writing romance (helpful when I’m writing a romance and need craft inspiration), author blogs (most of which are who people I have personally met or authors in the publishers houses where my books are published), and a few arts and craft type blogs (helpful for my other creative outlet of sewing and mixed media collage)

However, there are two blogs which, almost, without fail I read in their entirety.

1. Four Corners Design, written by local, Everett, mixed media collage artist Amy Duncan. I subscribed to Amy’s blog after I met her at a Fresh Paint Artists At Work Festival. Since then, I’ve also had the opportunity to take one of her local workshops on recycled journals. Her blog is filled with pictures of what she is currently working on as well as her struggles in the creative process and her successes. I think it’s these struggle and successes in her creative process which speak the most to me. Although we work in different artistic mediums, it’s her sharing of the process which I look forward to reading. You can read the Four Corners Design blog here.

2. Author, Marion Dane Bauer’s BlogMarion was a Vermont College Faculty member during my years working on my MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. I never had her as an adviser or workshop leader, but when she gave readings and lectures, I always attended. I loved her grounded, strong sensibilities in writing good, solid middle grade.  I came late to subscribing to Marion’s blog, but after seeing various friends from my Vermont College years, posting her blog posts on their Facebook feeds, I finally subscribed.  Marion, like Amy, shares both technical craft posts as well as her successes and struggles in the creative process of writing. Marion’s blog comes to me through my email about once a week, and when it does, I always take a deep breath and sit down for a good read. You can read Marion’s blog here.


Now, I’d love to hear what blogs are your favorites that you read without fail? And why do you love them? Please post the links in the comments!


2 responses to “Favorite Blogs

  1. Mindy – I had no idea that you had a blog and that you were an acclaimed author…how great is that! And I am beyond flattered that you list me and my blog as one of your “must reads” – thank you so much!
    and on a totally different note…my multi-media ephemera boxes (which I remember you liked) will be on sale at the Artist Garage Sale on Sat June 7 at the Schack art center – my booth will be inside…let me know if I should save one (or two) out for you…

  2. Oh yes! I would love a box of multi media goodies! Thank you! I have the date on my calendar and will be there bright and early to your booth!

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