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Summer On-Line Class for Teens

on June 12, 2014



From July 7-August 3, I will be teaching a great on-line class for teens called Write it Short and Real. This is a perfect opportunity for writers between the ages of 13-17  who want to take a class from a published writer and learn a little bit more about the craft of writing narrative flash.

You can find all about Writing It Short and Real here.

Narrative flash is short, fast, and fun. It’s easy to share with others, and most of all, narrative flash is the perfect way to express our voices and capture our real life experiences in a short snapshot. In this class for teens, we will look at how to write short narrative through craft lessons including: structure, character, and brevity. The class includes writing on topics based on our real life experiences such as: truth and lies, first and lasts, and matters of the heart. We will share our writing with each other in order to discover how powerful our voices can be when writing about real life.

Sign up to take the class here.

You can find out tips for writing narrative flash here.

And you can find markets for narrative flash here.


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