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on July 27, 2014


STAINED GLASS SUMMER is on-sale for 99 cents! This is a perfect opportunity for you to pick up a summer ebook for your tween reader.  You can also gift STAINED GLASS SUMMER as an ebook!

Also, there are lots of exciting things going on at Musa Publishing! First off, the print policy is changing. Super excited about this! Up until this point, authors could buy what was called Promo Print copies and we used those to sell at book signings and to family and friends. This worked great for my local events, but people who couldn’t attend local events wanted a print copy too and couldn’t get them. It was also limiting because I could only buy so many with shipping factored into the cost and I had to limit how many books people could buy from me at a time.

Now…starting in January 2015, books which are contracted will have a one-year print option with Musa Publishing. Musa will be taking a select group of books to print using the Amazon Create-Space model. If Musa does not take the book to print in the first year of the contract, then the print rights will revert back to the author to take to print. I am so excited to see this and as soon as my upper middle grade novel, GRANDDAD’S TOYS comes back from freelance editor Sarah Cloots and I revise, I will be submitting that story to Musa!  So look for some news about that story later this fall!

STAINED GLASS SUMMER is up for a new contract at the end of December and the new contract will now include a print option which moves beyond the promo print books I have been using.

So, so happy to see a home for my tween books which don’t quite fit anywhere but have done well at Musa!




2 responses to “STAINED GLASS SUMMER is on-sale

  1. Susan Lampe` says:

    Yea! So glad to hear about SGS! i’ll be buying more! SGLlampes

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