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Short Romance Markets

on August 8, 2014

Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy summer with teaching. I taught a four-week on-line teen class at the Loft, Write it Short and Real, which was great fun.  The teens were great writers and we had a good time digging into writing about our firsts, lasts and where we come from.

I also teach distance learning educator classes for Seattle Pacific University. I teach these all year, but the summer is the busiest time for student work. This summer, I had a great group of teacher students who really dug into a couple of the writing classes, Writing the Picture Book and Writing the Children’s Short Story. (The classes are five semester credits each and you can find out more about them here).

But, now as we move into August and teachers and teens attention turns back to getting ready for back to school, it’s time to dig back into writing! I’ve had two books out with freelance editors this summer–my upper middle grade, GRANDDAD’s TOYS and my memoir, KIDS IN ORANGE: VOICES FROM JUVENILE DETENTION. Both will be returned shortly, and then the real work begins as I revise and get them ready to start the submission process.

But in the meantime…..

Here are some short markets for romance (all heat levels and genres) have popped onto my radar lately.

SilkWords–Silk words is looking for romance stories of all subgenres and heat levels that are between 15,000-20,000 words. Modeled a bit after the Choose Your Own Adventure stories, SilkWords is looking for stories with multiple choices along the way. They are flexible about the number and type of story branches and want stories the reader becomes invested in. Find out more about SilkWords here. Be sure to check out one or two of their stories and how they work before submitting.

Boroughs Publishing (Lunchbox Romances)–Boroughs is accepting short romance for their Lunchbox Romance line of 6,000-12,000 words. They ask for the full manuscript and accept all heat levels and subgenres. Find out submissions here.

Woman’s World--800-word short, contemporary stories–usually a cute-meet. It’s helpful to read some of these before writing them and most grocery store check-out lines stock the magazine. It’s also helpful to take a few of Kate Willoughby’s classes (these are packets she sends to you), or sign up for one of her critiques, and/or follow her blog where each week she analyzes the current story of the week. You can find the submission guidelines here for Woman’s World.


Also, Cindi Myers is currently featuring various publishers who presented panels at the National RWA Conference in July. If you want to know what the current needs are (and there are a lot of N/A and some YA needs), check out her Market News here.



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