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The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane Book Giveaway

on October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!

It’s been a busy couple weeks. Two weeks ago, I attended the Seattle RWA Emerald City Writing Conference and presented: Map It Out: Using Setting to Plot Your Story. The workshop was well-attended–even though it was at 8:30 on Saturday morning! Afterwards, I scurried off to my two pitches–both with agents, one of whom I really hit it off with and will be submitting to her soon.

This past Friday, I met my deadline and sent off my first three chapters and 10 page synopsis of a new sweet, contemporary romance to a Harlequin Heartwarming editor. This was an opportunity I won in May during the Brenda Novak auction and I met the deadline of submitting by October 31.

I am a firm believer in rewarding ourselves when we meet big deadlines, regardless of how the outcome of meeting that deadline turns out, I think it’s important to acknowledge when we do hit the goal we set–and so I signed up for the Harlequin Readers Luncheon held this past Saturday in Seattle.  I got to sit at Sheila Robert’s table for lunch and it was a blast!

Sheila Roberts is the author of the Icicle Falls sweet, contemporary series--set in Leavenworth, Washington. I discovered these books this summer while on a trip to Leavenworth with my sister. They’re fun books centered around a family who owns a chocolate factory in town. You can see the whole list of the series here.

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The first part of the readers event was all about authors speed dating. Each author at the event came to our table for 9-12 minutes and answered questions. Authors at the event included Susan Wiggs, Susan Mallery, Lauren Dane, and B.J. Daniels and others. All of the authors lived in the Pacific Northwest and many of them use this area as settings in their stories.

We enjoyed a nice lunch and then the authors participated in a Q and A panel which was fun. One of my favorite questions was: How many rejections did you receive before you sold your first book? The answers ranged from Susan Wiggs who spent eight years writing before she sold to Susan Mallery who received 52 rejections to Bronwyn Scott who sold her first book on the first try! (There were a few other authors who also had this first try out sale story). As someone who it took eight years to sell STAINED GLASS SUMMER, I was in awe over the first time out sale stories!

You can read a bit more about the Harlequin Reader’s Luncheon on Barbara Vey’s blog here.

And now, I’d like to offer a giveaway of one PRINT copy of Sheila Robert’s book, THE TEA SHOP ON LAVENDER LANE. This is a part of her Icicle Falls series, but you do not need to have read the other ones in the series to read this one.



To be entered to win the contest, please leave me your name and email with a comment naming one small town you have visited and why you were charmed by that town. Due to the fact this is a print book, I’m limiting this giveaway to US addresses only. I will pick the winner next Monday, November 3.


Good luck!






16 responses to “The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane Book Giveaway

  1. punkin0001 says:

    Email:punkin0001@gmail.com My name is Esperanza Gailliard and I have visited a small town in Ontario, Canada and was left with a wonderful impression. This town is Thunder Bay, Ontario. The food was good, the people were so polite and I really enjoyed the scenery. I look forward to traveling back soon. Thanks again!

  2. barbaravey says:

    Mindy, I’m so glad you enjoyed the luncheon. The readers who attended were amazing and wonderful to get to know. Thanks for plugging my blog! 🙂

  3. Debbie Carnes (Carney) says:

    My email is : debbiec1313@yahoo.com. I love small towns , I always try to find a couple where ever I visit. Here in FL, there is Cedar Key, its an old fishing village, I like going for a seafood lunch overlooking the water. It all started for me on Cape Cod . While I lived in the UK , I lived in a little village of about 600 people.

  4. An old fishing village sounds wonderful! And seafood lunch–yum! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Michelle Brown says:

    Hello! My name is Michelle, michelle.brown@neill-lib.org, I have yet to visit a small town I didn’t love–they all have so much character and charm! Each building holds such meaning for a small community, and everyone knows it’s history. In a big city, things tend to get overlooked and forgotten.

    One of my favorite small towns to visit is Leavenworth, WA. Part of the reason I love this town so much is the Bavarian theme that the everyone there rallied behind years ago, in order to save the town (it increased tourism exponentially). All of the existing buildings were redesigned or refurbished to look Bavarian, and all new ones must be built that way. The restaurants serve tasty German fare, shops sell things like Authentic German Cuckoo Clocks and beer Steins, and the townspeople are often dressed in Lederhosen. I took German classes for many years, and was fortunate to be able to spend a month in Germany. Since I can’t afford to return to Germany, Leavenworth is this lovely taste of European essence tucked away in the mountains of Washington, that I can visit almost as often as I want! Being there truly feels like you’ve been transported to the Bavarian Alps. More than this, the entire town wholeheartedly engages in this theme, and are genuinely warm, friendly, kind and excited to share their hospitality. And they have the most glorious festivals! Oktoberfest, Maifest (complete with giant May-Pole in the town square), and a beautiful snow-covered Winter festival (among others).

    My goodness I’ve written a book! But I sure want to go for a Bavarian visit now! 😉

    • Leavenworth is lovely, Michelle! I haven’t been to any of the festivals, but I’m adding them to my travel list. My sister and I went this summer and did a day of river floating–so relaxing!

  6. kateivan says:

    During a road trip from the west coast to points east, my traveling companion and I stayed in Grand Lake, the hamlet adjacent to the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park (which also surrounds the lake and the town on three sides). The residents are warm and friendly, and the the town and surrounding area afford visitors all manner of fun outdoor activities.

  7. Lisa A. says:

    The small town that charmed me was Loudon, TN. It looks like Mayberry, with a little fountain and a square! 🙂

  8. Cute! Sounds very charming!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. The blog giveaway for Tea Shop on Lavender Lane is now closed. Thank you to all who participated.

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