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Short Holiday Reads

on December 2, 2014

Time during the holidays gets a little short, but sometimes it’s great to take fifteen minutes and get lost in a holiday romance. Here are a few of the ones I’ve written, including ELF SHOES, which is a companion story to STAINED GLASS SUMMER and is available as a free download here.

A little bit behind the scenes of ELF SHOES–This fall, I visited Orcas Island for a few days. Orcas island is the setting which inspired STAINED GLASS SUMMER. During my visit, I walked around Rosario Resort and I suddenly had this feeling that Samson and Lexi, my teen characters from ELF SHOES might walk across the lawn, at any minute, wearing their Santa suits and Elf costumes!


elfshoes-200Blurb: Fourteen-year-old Alexa loves to volunteer as an elf at the Island Santa Workshop but this year her costume elf shoes feel a little too tight. When childhood playmate, sixteen-year-old Samson, turns up to play Santa, Alexa finds herself trying to convince Samson to see her as more than just one of the “boys.” Can first love be found this holiday season at Santa’s Workshop?


New YEar Heart Song

Blurb: Successful concert pianist, Angie is happy to return home for the holiday where she can forget her career troubles and enjoy the opening season of the Elmheart Hotel. The only thing she didn’t plan is running into Caleb who is working as the hotel handyman and doing his best to raise his seven-year old son, Jesse.  When a snowstorm throws Angie and Caleb together as hosts of the hotel’s New Year Eve party, will an old song ignite a New Year love?  NEW YEAR HEART SONG is a part of the Elmheart Hotel sweet, contemporary novella series.

You can buy NEW YEAR HEART SONG here.


Love's Christmas Gift-001Blurb: Skipper Bill and Elizabeth have been friends forever. But, when Elizabeth is offered a job interview across the country, these two friends are going to need the help of a little mistletoe to find their holiday romance. Can mistletoe turn friendship to Christmas romance in this short holiday romance?

You can buy LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT here.


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