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No Kiss Blog Fest is Coming…

on December 15, 2014

No Kiss Blogfest Image

The No Kiss Blog Fest is coming.…..

What is the No Kiss Blog Fest? It’s when bloggers (authors and readers can participate), post a scene from their work-in-progress, a published book, or even a movie clip where the hero and heroine are about to kiss, but don’t…it’s the great build up to the kiss! It’s the flirting and the tension to that kiss moment.

At the Seattle RWA Conference, I took a great workshop by romance author, Terry McLaughlin, where we talked about writing that kiss scene. Some of the things she mentioned included:

  • Write at least a page or two for the build up to the kiss scene
  • Place the scene near the end of a chapter break or section break so the POV character can switch immediately after the kiss, or the almost kiss.
  • The POV of the scene should be told through the character who is most vulnerable at that moment
  • Consider the scene where the kiss takes place–Are the characters so involved with each other, they don’t notice the setting, or are they trying not to notice each other and the sensory details are noticed everywhere.

So, get ready–on January 2nd, I’ll be posting a scene or a clip from a movie that’s almost a kiss….

And for those of you who would like to play along, you can sign up for The No Kiss Blog Fest here.


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